Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 1.26.24 PM.jpgThe company was formed in a joint venture between         Mr. Edmund Charles Pendleton Hull and Mr. William Matthew Blyth who established coaling depots at a variety of locations; at Las Palmas and Tenerife (Canary Islands), St. Vincent (Cape Verde Islands), Luanda (Angola), Port Said, Beirut, Colombo, São Tomé and St Lucia (British West Indies), as well as Ghana and Nigeria.

Hull Blyth was incorporated into the famous Ocean Group during the 1960's and enjoyed a long association with various Ocean Group shipping lines such as Elder Dempster, Blue Funnel etc. Previously known as "Elder Dempster Agencies" in Nigeria and "Liner Agencies and Trading" in Ghana, the company was eventually re-branded as the Hull Blyth Group, which had been the operating name in Angola for many years.

Hull Blyth developed a wide range of oil and gas support services through exposure to the industry in Angola, Nigeria and more recently in Ghana. Hull Blyth additionally has developed a specialist Liner portfolio in the last 10 years as the Liner trade into West Africa grew substantially from Asia, particularly from mainland China.

In December 2005 Ocean Group and its successor Exel Plc was acquired outright by Deutsche Post World Net, holding company of DHL. In Feb 2007, Deutsche Post, in a Management Buy Out, sold Hull Blyth to Mr. James Baldwin, who is the Group’s Managing Director and its sole shareholder.

Hull Blyth operates its own offices in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and the UK and is a byword throughout the region for reliability, transparency and integrity.