As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Hull Blyth Ghana regularly contributes to charitable activities in Ghana. Remar Tema, an admired charitable orphanage for young boys, was the recent receiver of such a donation. After monitoring and observing the home, Hull Blyth made a donation to support the administration and  enhance the welfare of the children.

Remar Tema is a centre, one of many in the Remar Ghana network, where the basic needs of the child are met (shelter, food, clothing, education, recreation, etc). To these homes come abandoned children, children of single mothers, and those who need to live apart from their parents because of varying circumstances. Remar’s objective is to provide them parental needs and so the children are cared for by married couples or monitors who create an ideal family situation, showing them love and affection, and also the necessary guidance and discipline.

Hull Blyth’s donation was in the form of toys, sports equipment, art supplies, toiletries and books, along with food, including rice, cooking oil, biscuits, minerals and sweets.

“Through this donation, we hope to bring some joy to the children of the orphanage and offer our heartfelt support to the staff and directors. Remar is a leading example of an orphanage and we wholeheartedly  support their continued good work in the community” said Jesse Nuno, General Manager of Hull Blyth Shipping Ghana 

Hull Blyth looks forward to maintaining its support of Remar Ghana to help the organisation grow in its ability to provide services to many more children in need throughout Ghana.

“On behalf of the children of Remar Tema, we thank the management and staff of Hull Blyth Ghana for their gesture, in the form of this donation. We our very grateful and God bless all the employees of Hull Blyth” said Philip Dartey, Assistant Director of Remar Tema.

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