Our major strength is our knowledge of the crude oil market in West Africa; we have been providing agency services for over 30 years at export terminals and import berths and remain close to all oil majors, traders, receivers and the terminal authorities in each of our territories.

We maintain offices at the main export terminals and are well informed about all procedures in force at each terminal and can offer specific advice to principals loading or discharging at any location.

Our teams understand the special requirements of agency services to offshore tankers and the crucial requirement for advance planning to ensure minimum delays are incurred. We additionally arrange the presence of the national authorities that will board each vessel, whether alongside or offshore and we manage these boarding teams effectively to ensure that the needs of the vessel are prioritised and that no delays in berthing, operation, or vessel departure are incurred.

With HSE a strong concern, our staff are all qualified to operate offshore and take the issue of safety as a primary concern.

Hull Blyth additionally offers a full agency service to clean product tankers in the region. We understand the special requirements of this industry and offer an excellent liaison between vessel owners/charterers and receivers to ensure rapid, safe and compliant discharge at the congested terminal facilities in the region.