We are a transparent multi-principal agency house and offer each of our Liner principals a dedicated and self-contained agency vehicle to support their activities. We have agreements in place with several competing carriers who all recognise the extraordinary efforts we go to in order to provide separation of agency activities under the Hull Blyth umbrella in each country.

Counting a number of deep-sea liner principals as customers, both as agent and in JV partnerships, we handle a significant percentage of the containerised trade to and from Ghana and Nigeria. Operating at quayside, off-dock and in administrative support roles, we handle all aspects of our principals’ business in-country.

Our Liner principals enjoy a strong balance of trade in heavily imbalanced markets due to the strong emphasis we place on commercial development. Our sales teams are well known and proactive in each location and actively represent our Principals’ brands and services. As such we secure significant quantities of commodities for export, a key requirement in a region known for its reliance on imports but paucity of export commodities.

To manage our Principals’ container fleets, we have developed our own bespoke, EDI compliant, integrated information system and additionally run a range of our Principals’ own systems for direct interface.

We have extensive local and national commercial knowledge and leverage our deep-rooted commercial connections to the benefit of our principals. In addition we have excellent contacts with all significant port and terminal management which recognise Hull Blyth as an agent of excellent standing and some considerable influence.