Crew Change Services

We provide a safe and secure service in all of our locations and the service consists of the following elements:
  • Liaison with crewing and owner’s offices overseas to ensure all on-signers are aware of requirements for entry
  • Management of Visa applications including Letters of Invitation
  • Sending 'OK to board' messages to airline companies
  • Visas on arrival, meeting any arriving personnel
  • Assistance with immigration and customs formalities for incoming and outgoing crew members
  • Transportation of arriving crew members in safe and reliable vehicles to their ultimate destination
  • Booking of charter flights and scheduled internal flights - fixed wing and rotary to final destination including offshore if required
  • We will book clean and reputable hotels and accommodation as required by our principals and only use locations that we have inspected ourselves for high standards
  • We can additionally provide vehicles for longer usage and make them available on single trip basis, daily, weekly and monthly hire
  • We arrange medical treatment and doctors visits for visiting crews
  • We are also able to offer advice on foreign worker quotas set by host governments for long stay crew members
  • Airline ticketing through in house travel agency to any destination worldwide, regionally or to domestic destinations
  • Long term car hire with registered and regulated drivers

With excellent references from all types of vessel owners and operators, our rates for crew change support are competitive and we offer discounts for larger parties.