Hull Blyth has been supporting roro operations in West Africa since the 1980’s when they first appeared in the region. We now benefit from a wide range of Pure Car Carrier (PCC), Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC) and Conro vessels amongst our regular principals throughout the region.

We recognise the challenges faced by roro operators and we work closely with our principals to prepare all aspects of the vessel call well in advance, including:

  • Reserving the berth well in advance and ensuring any delays are passed on to the principal
  • Being proactive in the search for suitable discharge terminals in the heavily congested ports of West Africa
  • Arranging sufficient space to enable the vessel to discharge its cargo without interruption,
  • Liaison with the receivers to ensure all their requirements have been met before, during, and after vessel’s call
  • Rapid clearance of vessel on arrival to enable rapid discharge or loading operations
  • Supplying our own “Supercargo” to act as liaison between Vessel crew and stevedores to ensure discharge of the vessel in an orderly fashion
  • Arrangements for non-starter vehicles - either started using our own portable kits or towed off the vessel
  • Arrangements for “yellow goods” or “high and heavy” cargo
  • Documentation advice for vessel operators