Hull Blyth and its network of agents have been providing agency services to warships from all nations for decades. We know and implicitly understand the special requirements of warships, auxiliaries and any associated vessels and are ready to provide a no-fuss, "can-do" service to make port calls as efficient and enjoyable within the constraints of quite heavy security.

Amongst the special services we offer:

  • Identification of a suitable berth which will not impede the operations of the port
  • Liaison with the vessel, the Ministry of Defence and the liaison officer at the relevant diplomatic mission in the respective destination country
  • Nomination of a key person in charge to liaise on all aspects of the port call
  • Coordination of all ships spares delivery, crew changes, mail and ships chandler items
  • Bunkering, fresh and potable water deliveries
  • Mail delivery
  • Transport provision including cars and buses for the crew
  • Arrange excursions
  • Advice on ISPS requirements in port
  • Provision of security arrangements within the port (container barriers etc)

We make every visit a success despite the often short periods spent in port.